Book Club – Crash

There are a lucky few books that make it to print, and fewer still that will outlive their authors as cultural milestones. Of this rare handful some will set out grand ideas, while others may one day come to be regarded as bold leaps in literature that expand the bounds of language and expression. ThereContinue reading “Book Club – Crash”

Snakes and Ladders | Part II

If you have found yourself here without reading Part I, you can find that here. Thatcher set out creating her game a year after she came to power in 1980, the year when her Tory government passed its landmark ‘Right to Buy’ legislation through parliament. The new law granted anyone living in a council houseContinue reading “Snakes and Ladders | Part II”

Beware the Beat of the Culture War Drums

With every passing week brings another bloody battle in the so-called Culture War that seems to have gripped Britain. In the red corner we have the lefties, supposedly baying for anarchy and hellbent on destroying our traditional way of life. In the blue, the Tories: their puffed-up outrage about such a threat on full displayContinue reading “Beware the Beat of the Culture War Drums”

End the Hostile Environment – #stoptheplane

For anyone unaware, these ‘recent actions’ are in fact a mass deportation of people who have spent their entire adult lives living in the UK. The Home Office have arranged the deportation of 50 of these people to Jamaica, a country which many of the individuals have no real tie to. The repercussions to both these individuals and their families is unthinkable given the current state of the world.

Why did the Music Stop? The Grim State of British Music

When looking at the current state of British music and its surrounding culture, it seems increasingly awful. The risks faced by the music industry are more prominent now than they have ever been before. To cover both all the current risks and the underlying reasons for the decline of British music I’ll be looking atContinue reading “Why did the Music Stop? The Grim State of British Music”

Media Manipulation and the Migrant Crisis

The BBC and Sky News have reached a new low last week, preying on migrants crossing the English Channel in the hunt for a news story. In the footage posted by both outlets there is a clear cat and mouse scenario that is played out with a complete absence of self awareness on the partsContinue reading “Media Manipulation and the Migrant Crisis”