Pollokshields: Community in Action

The standout Scottish story to come from the previous few days’ newscycle was the amazing display of community from the Southside of Glasgow. Images of an immigration van boxed in by peaceful members of the community have stuck in my head and restored some faith in the power of people. At a time when itContinue reading “Pollokshields: Community in Action”

Movie Mondays – Children of Men

Perhaps the last thing you might want to watch right now amid a global pandemic that has totally upended our lives would be a film about a not-so-distant future Armageddon. When we imagine the end of the world, what typically comes to mind are images of freak events that happen in a flash, resulting inContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Children of Men”

End the Hostile Environment – #stoptheplane

For anyone unaware, these ‘recent actions’ are in fact a mass deportation of people who have spent their entire adult lives living in the UK. The Home Office have arranged the deportation of 50 of these people to Jamaica, a country which many of the individuals have no real tie to. The repercussions to both these individuals and their families is unthinkable given the current state of the world.

Media Manipulation and the Migrant Crisis

The BBC and Sky News have reached a new low last week, preying on migrants crossing the English Channel in the hunt for a news story. In the footage posted by both outlets there is a clear cat and mouse scenario that is played out with a complete absence of self awareness on the partsContinue reading “Media Manipulation and the Migrant Crisis”