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  • Top 25 Albums of 2022
    2022 has been a whirlwind of a year – the first full year post-covid without any covid lockdowns, and the closest we have come to normal for some time. There has been no shortage of year-defining events that have made headlines and caused sensation, but similarly no shortage of greatContinue reading “Top 25 Albums of 2022”
  • Movie Mondays – TraumaZone
    There’s a prevailing trend in documentary making these days where the narrator becomes part of the story in a fusion of self-promotion and naked bias. Personally, I blame Super Size Me (2004). I feel a hot take brewing, but while that’s still on the boil it’s a return to inertia’sContinue reading “Movie Mondays – TraumaZone”
  • My New Companion // A Eulogy
    I’ve been navigating empty spaces lately. Tracing the outlines of where someone once was, wearing their clothes and sifting through paper trails. Grief of this kind is akin to shuffling around in a pitch-black room, feeling the contours of unknown furniture with outstretched hands and piecing together a mental mapContinue reading “My New Companion // A Eulogy”
  • Book Club – Crash
    There are a lucky few books that make it to print, and fewer still that will outlive their authors as cultural milestones. Of this rare handful some will set out grand ideas, while others may one day come to be regarded as bold leaps in literature that expand the boundsContinue reading “Book Club – Crash”
  • And There They Were
    Last month I managed to steal a weekend away to the Highlands. The weather was balmy for March, with summer feeling as though it had arrived early. Not a cloud in the sky, taps aff, etcetera. The trip seemed blessed by the sun itself, a well-timed getaway destined to beContinue reading “And There They Were”


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