Movie Mondays: Aftersun

Few movies do so much with so little as Aftersun. In the modern age of filmmaking where projects like Avatar 2 can cost a quarter of a billion dollars to make Aftersun is very much on the other end of the spectrum, relying on two excellent performances and an amazingly personal script. This is theContinue reading “Movie Mondays: Aftersun”

Top 25 Albums of 2022

2022 has been a whirlwind of a year – the first full year post-covid without any covid lockdowns, and the closest we have come to normal for some time. There has been no shortage of year-defining events that have made headlines and caused sensation, but similarly no shortage of great music being released. One ofContinue reading “Top 25 Albums of 2022”

Movie Mondays- Boiling Point

This week for Movie Mondays I thought I’d talk about a movie from last year that I missed when making the best of 2021 list. Despite having its official release date last year, Boiling Point was widely released to the UK public back in March via Netflix. The entire hour and a half runtime amazinglyContinue reading “Movie Mondays- Boiling Point”

Movie Mondays- Paris, Texas

Sometimes it can feel like you’ve already watched most of the classics, or at least the ones that appeal to you most strongly. With such a rich back catalogue of brilliant films from across the world, it is to be expected that the occasional gem may pass you by entirely. Relying on streaming services asContinue reading “Movie Mondays- Paris, Texas”

Movie Mondays: Best of 2021 Special

As we’re only just into a new year I thought I’d bring back Movie Mondays with a bit of a retrospective on the best movies of 2021. There are definitely some films that I have not gotten around to yet but will hopefully watch soon. Some of these movies that will not be included hereContinue reading “Movie Mondays: Best of 2021 Special”

Top 25 Albums of 2021

With 2021 being a bit of a damp squib, we have thankfully had plenty of great new music as a silver lining to the mundanity of staying at home. With touring returning for musicians for a while only to once again be put on hold with the arrival of Omicron, many artists have used theContinue reading “Top 25 Albums of 2021”

The Carbon Footprint Paradox

Growing up in Scotland during the noughties, climate change and environmental awareness were a part of the curriculum at both primary and secondary school. I would say that it is safe to assume that including such topics in school has an overall positive affect on the way that children think about the world that surroundsContinue reading “The Carbon Footprint Paradox”

Book Club- The Disconnect

It’s been too long since the last book club entry here on inertia, although I have been taking some time away from writing after experiencing severe burnout after finishing the second semester of my Masters. Now feeling recharged and armed with plenty of notes on a few books that I’ve managed to get through inContinue reading “Book Club- The Disconnect”

Movie Mondays – Sound of Metal

I am not joking here when I say this is one of the best movies to be released in the past ten years. Since watching it a couple of weeks ago I still find myself thinking about it nearly every day. The film follows an aspiring metal drummer in America who suddenly starts to lose hisContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Sound of Metal”