Movie Mondays: Aftersun

Few movies do so much with so little as Aftersun. In the modern age of filmmaking where projects like Avatar 2 can cost a quarter of a billion dollars to make Aftersun is very much on the other end of the spectrum, relying on two excellent performances and an amazingly personal script. This is theContinue reading “Movie Mondays: Aftersun”

Movie Mondays- Boiling Point

This week for Movie Mondays I thought I’d talk about a movie from last year that I missed when making the best of 2021 list. Despite having its official release date last year, Boiling Point was widely released to the UK public back in March via Netflix. The entire hour and a half runtime amazinglyContinue reading “Movie Mondays- Boiling Point”

Movie Mondays- Paris, Texas

Sometimes it can feel like you’ve already watched most of the classics, or at least the ones that appeal to you most strongly. With such a rich back catalogue of brilliant films from across the world, it is to be expected that the occasional gem may pass you by entirely. Relying on streaming services asContinue reading “Movie Mondays- Paris, Texas”

Movie Mondays – Possessor

For this instalment of Movie Mondays, I’ll be looking at a film from 2020 that I watched for the first time the other night. After initial apprehension at the horror category assigned to the movie I decided that the plot sounded good and that it wouldn’t be the standard Hollyood jump-scare bonanza that is oftenContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Possessor”

Movie Mondays – In the Mood for Love

Despite the extremely soppy title this is far from a typical Valentine’s Day rom-com. Instead of the gushy and predictable dross that we see churned out by Hollywood studios, In the Mood for Love is a perfect example of a romance movie done well. I had never been much of a fan of this kindContinue reading “Movie Mondays – In the Mood for Love”

Movie Mondays – Election

High school movies. We’ve all seen them. We know their tell-tale signs, their signature tropes. The typical cliques haven’t really changed much since the genre came into being back in the 50s: there’s the jocks in their letterman jackets, the nerds carrying stacks of books that beg to be knocked over by said jocks andContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Election”

Movie Mondays – Good Time

This week’s featured movie, whole heartedly recommended by inertia, is Good Time. The film is a dark and twisted take on the classic heist trope, set in a gritty yet colourful New York City. Released in 2017, the movie was a bit of a breakout for the Safdie brothers who have recently gone on toContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Good Time”

Movie Mondays – Queen & Slim

From here on out we’ll be trying to deliver a discussion of at least a couple of films every month, we’ll keep everything spoiler free and just give a quick outline of why you should watch each film. Starting off our new quick-fire movie recommendation series, here we have Queen and Slim, directed by MelinaContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Queen & Slim”