Movie Mondays – Possessor

For this instalment of Movie Mondays, I’ll be looking at a film from 2020 that I watched for the first time the other night. After initial apprehension at the horror category assigned to the movie I decided that the plot sounded good and that it wouldn’t be the standard Hollyood jump-scare bonanza that is oftenContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Possessor”

Movie Mondays – In the Mood for Love

Despite the extremely soppy title this is far from a typical Valentine’s Day rom-com. Instead of the gushy and predictable dross that we see churned out by Hollywood studios, In the Mood for Love is a perfect example of a romance movie done well. I had never been much of a fan of this kindContinue reading “Movie Mondays – In the Mood for Love”

Movie Mondays – Election

High school movies. We’ve all seen them. We know their tell-tale signs, their signature tropes. The typical cliques haven’t really changed much since the genre came into being back in the 50s: there’s the jocks in their letterman jackets, the nerds carrying stacks of books that beg to be knocked over by said jocks andContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Election”

Movie Mondays – Good Time

This week’s featured movie, whole heartedly recommended by inertia, is Good Time. The film is a dark and twisted take on the classic heist trope, set in a gritty yet colourful New York City. Released in 2017, the movie was a bit of a breakout for the Safdie brothers who have recently gone on toContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Good Time”

Movie Mondays – Queen & Slim

From here on out we’ll be trying to deliver a discussion of at least a couple of films every month, we’ll keep everything spoiler free and just give a quick outline of why you should watch each film. Starting off our new quick-fire movie recommendation series, here we have Queen and Slim, directed by MelinaContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Queen & Slim”