#MeToo – Is It Now High Time for a Second Wave?

On the 21st of January 2017, one day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, one of the largest protests in American history took place. Over 1% of the entire American population marched in towns and cities across the United States. The movement was not contained to America, with marches spanning all 7 continents. TheContinue reading “#MeToo – Is It Now High Time for a Second Wave?”

Book Club – ‘Cherry’

The latest book to feature in the inertia book club is Nico Walker’s debut novel ‘Cherry’ from back in 2018. This novel acts as a semi-biographical story of a kind of typical lost young man in middle America who tortures himself with cynicism and self-destructive tendencies. It seems as though now is an especially goodContinue reading “Book Club – ‘Cherry’”

Movie Mondays – Election

High school movies. We’ve all seen them. We know their tell-tale signs, their signature tropes. The typical cliques haven’t really changed much since the genre came into being back in the 50s: there’s the jocks in their letterman jackets, the nerds carrying stacks of books that beg to be knocked over by said jocks andContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Election”

Trump is a mould that can’t be so easily scrubbed away.

If you’re a political nerd like me, elections are always an exciting affair: they’re an excuse to pull an all-nighter and hunker down in the living room, splitting your attention between the holy trinity of the television, laptop and phone. This year didn’t quite go to plan. I settled in on the settee and crackedContinue reading “Trump is a mould that can’t be so easily scrubbed away.”