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The Call of the Void

I’ll preface this post by saying that none of this constitutes any qualified opinion or advice regarding mental health. I’m mainly putting this out to raise awareness and give people an idea of the lived experience of a misunderstood mental illness. For resources from charities, health bodies and psychologists, please see the bottom of thisContinue reading “The Call of the Void”

The Culture War Election

In some ways, the upcoming Holyrood election is lacking in the drama of an American election night or a nail-biting referendum. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon enjoys approval ratings far higher than any of her opponents. The SNP are almost certain to win the election with even the worst polls for her party giving them aContinue reading “The Culture War Election”

inertia fm: march

March has brought some sunny weather and a lifting of lockdown measures is imminent so we’ve kept this month’s playlist breezy and easy-going. Dare we dream for the return of live music in summer? Save getting your hopes up just yet and tune into the radio channel of for some chicken selects of topContinue reading “inertia fm: march”

Stuck in the House: Ewan

Hello there and welcome to a new feature, Stuck in the House, where we share personal insights and tales from our contributors about their time during lockdown and their reflections about the past year and concerns for the future. We want to create a safe space where young people can discuss life under lockdown and engageContinue reading “Stuck in the House: Ewan”

No More Stolen Sisters – Violence Against Indigenous Women is Being Brushed Under the Carpet

If you were to arrive in the north-east Oklahoma town of Grove today, you would be hard pressed to enter a convenience store, petrol station, church or community centre without seeing a flyer for the missing Aubrey Dameron. The 25-year-old disappeared from home over a year ago now, and as a member of the CherokeeContinue reading “No More Stolen Sisters – Violence Against Indigenous Women is Being Brushed Under the Carpet”

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