Book Club – Crash

There are a lucky few books that make it to print, and fewer still that will outlive their authors as cultural milestones. Of this rare handful some will set out grand ideas, while others may one day come to be regarded as bold leaps in literature that expand the bounds of language and expression. ThereContinue reading “Book Club – Crash”

Book Club – How Late It Was, How Late

A comedy of errors without much to laugh about, 1994’s How Late It Was, How Late was a second-hand purchase of mine bought on a whim. It stuck out in the Scottish Literature section like a sore thumb as the title rang the bells of familiarity in my head. Counting out my loose change toContinue reading “Book Club – How Late It Was, How Late”

Book Club – Sapiens

Sapiens by Israeli academic Yuval Noah Harari is a book that can make a rare claim to being a blockbuster read in a time when reading books is in sharp decline. Since its publication in English in 2014 it can often be spotted in living room bookshelves and hostel sunbeds the world over, having beenContinue reading “Book Club – Sapiens”

Book Club- The Disconnect

It’s been too long since the last book club entry here on inertia, although I have been taking some time away from writing after experiencing severe burnout after finishing the second semester of my Masters. Now feeling recharged and armed with plenty of notes on a few books that I’ve managed to get through inContinue reading “Book Club- The Disconnect”

Book Club – ‘No Logo’

“Why should bread have all the fun, when there’s Weetabix?” Asked Weetabix’s official Twitter account. “Serving up @HeinzUK Beanz on bix for breakfast with a twist. #ItHasToBeHeinz #HaveYouHadYourWeetabix” They said, accompanied by a provocative image of baked beans slathered on top of the nation’s favourite cereal bricks. Such a tweet would have been obnoxious andContinue reading “Book Club – ‘No Logo’”

Book Club – ‘Cherry’

The latest book to feature in the inertia book club is Nico Walker’s debut novel ‘Cherry’ from back in 2018. This novel acts as a semi-biographical story of a kind of typical lost young man in middle America who tortures himself with cynicism and self-destructive tendencies. It seems as though now is an especially goodContinue reading “Book Club – ‘Cherry’”

Book Club – ‘Kafka on the Shore’

Welcome back to the inertia book club, kicking off 2021 with a modern classic by Japanese star Haruki Murakami. He describes Kafka on the Shore as “a story of a lonely 15-year-old boy who wanders around in search of relief for his soul”. I first connected with Murakami’s earlier works, which often dealt with youngContinue reading “Book Club – ‘Kafka on the Shore’”

Book Club – ‘This Is Not Propaganda’

It’s been a while since the first entry into the inertia book club, but we are back with a cracker that looks at modern use of propaganda and disinformation. We’d highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in politics or Russia, as it is a large focus throughout. The full title of theContinue reading “Book Club – ‘This Is Not Propaganda’”

Book Club – ‘Notes from an Apocalypse’

Welcome to the first entry into the inertia book club, a platform to discuss some of the most interesting features in our bookshelves. In said discussions we are not aiming to review our chosen literature, but give more of an overview of the themes of each piece and to interject with our own interpretations andContinue reading “Book Club – ‘Notes from an Apocalypse’”