Top 25 Albums of 2022

2022 has been a whirlwind of a year – the first full year post-covid without any covid lockdowns, and the closest we have come to normal for some time. There has been no shortage of year-defining events that have made headlines and caused sensation, but similarly no shortage of great music being released. One ofContinue reading “Top 25 Albums of 2022”

Top 25 Albums of 2021

With 2021 being a bit of a damp squib, we have thankfully had plenty of great new music as a silver lining to the mundanity of staying at home. With touring returning for musicians for a while only to once again be put on hold with the arrival of Omicron, many artists have used theContinue reading “Top 25 Albums of 2021”

inertia fm: march

March has brought some sunny weather and a lifting of lockdown measures is imminent so we’ve kept this month’s playlist breezy and easy-going. Dare we dream for the return of live music in summer? Save getting your hopes up just yet and tune into the radio channel of for some chicken selects of topContinue reading “inertia fm: march”

inertia fm: december

The tree and tinsel are up at inertia HQ for December’s edition of our monthly radio feature. You’re probably sick of Christmas tunes by this point so we’ve kept them to a minimum, stuffing the playlist instead with some glorious picks of what we’ve been listening to lately. Tuck in! Charlie’s Picks Idris Muhammed –Continue reading “inertia fm: december”

Why did the Music Stop? The Grim State of British Music

When looking at the current state of British music and its surrounding culture, it seems increasingly awful. The risks faced by the music industry are more prominent now than they have ever been before. To cover both all the current risks and the underlying reasons for the decline of British music I’ll be looking atContinue reading “Why did the Music Stop? The Grim State of British Music”