No More Stolen Sisters – Violence Against Indigenous Women is Being Brushed Under the Carpet

If you were to arrive in the north-east Oklahoma town of Grove today, you would be hard pressed to enter a convenience store, petrol station, church or community centre without seeing a flyer for the missing Aubrey Dameron. The 25-year-old disappeared from home over a year ago now, and as a member of the CherokeeContinue reading “No More Stolen Sisters – Violence Against Indigenous Women is Being Brushed Under the Carpet”

End the Hostile Environment – #stoptheplane

For anyone unaware, these ‘recent actions’ are in fact a mass deportation of people who have spent their entire adult lives living in the UK. The Home Office have arranged the deportation of 50 of these people to Jamaica, a country which many of the individuals have no real tie to. The repercussions to both these individuals and their families is unthinkable given the current state of the world.

Media Manipulation and the Migrant Crisis

The BBC and Sky News have reached a new low last week, preying on migrants crossing the English Channel in the hunt for a news story. In the footage posted by both outlets there is a clear cat and mouse scenario that is played out with a complete absence of self awareness on the partsContinue reading “Media Manipulation and the Migrant Crisis”

Memory Boxes

Back in June a cancelled graduation had me packing up all of the possessions that I’d accumulated during my time at university, as I waved goodbye to my King Street flat and solemnly boxed up all the posters, gig tickets and other wee trinkets that I had hoarded to remind me of my years asContinue reading “Memory Boxes”