Aberdeen: Post-COVID Homelessness

After months of isolation and varying lockdowns the recent news of a vaccine with almost 95% effective that could be rolled out relatively soon came as a welcome sign that things may just get better. Life has changed incalculably for billions of people all over the planet. The pandemic has undoubtably been the largest worldwideContinue reading “Aberdeen: Post-COVID Homelessness”

Aberdeen’s high street is withering on the vine.

On my last count walking down the length of Union Street, I tallied 30 empty retail units. With their whitewashed windows and big, imposing ‘TO LET’ signs protruding above them, taken together they tell a story of a high street that has taken a proper hammering. Junk mail collects behind their dusty glass doors. ‘MAYContinue reading “Aberdeen’s high street is withering on the vine.”

Media Manipulation and the Migrant Crisis

The BBC and Sky News have reached a new low last week, preying on migrants crossing the English Channel in the hunt for a news story. In the footage posted by both outlets there is a clear cat and mouse scenario that is played out with a complete absence of self awareness on the partsContinue reading “Media Manipulation and the Migrant Crisis”

Memory Boxes

Back in June a cancelled graduation had me packing up all of the possessions that I’d accumulated during my time at university, as I waved goodbye to my King Street flat and solemnly boxed up all the posters, gig tickets and other wee trinkets that I had hoarded to remind me of my years asContinue reading “Memory Boxes”

Lockdown 2.0: Aberdeen

I recently experienced a phenomenon that I cannot recall ever previously occurring in all of my life. This past week I heard Aberdeen, my lifelong love-hate affair, referred to during BBC Newsbeat on Radio 1. As menial as this may seem it did catch me off guard as usually to hear mention of Aberdeen onContinue reading “Lockdown 2.0: Aberdeen”