Aberdeen Finds Community Spirit Down by the Beach

It’s the first sunrise of a new week, and I’m in my swim trunks down by Fittie Beach. In days gone past the only reason I or anyone else my age would have for being up at this time would be because we haven’t slept yet from the night before, and yet looking around meContinue reading “Aberdeen Finds Community Spirit Down by the Beach”

Aberdeen’s Retail Crisis

With the latest of the shop closures in Aberdeen hitting John Lewis, 265 jobs will be lost. In the wider picture of years of decline in the city centre and the huge impact on businesses from COVID, it is starkly clear that something needs to be done immediately. Representatives from the likes of Aberdeen CityContinue reading “Aberdeen’s Retail Crisis”

Aberdeen: Post-COVID Homelessness

After months of isolation and varying lockdowns the recent news of a vaccine with almost 95% effective that could be rolled out relatively soon came as a welcome sign that things may just get better. Life has changed incalculably for billions of people all over the planet. The pandemic has undoubtably been the largest worldwideContinue reading “Aberdeen: Post-COVID Homelessness”