Movie Mondays – Patrick

Following on from Ewan’s post last week I thought I would also review another film from Aberdeen’s beloved Belmont Filmhouse’s shiny new streaming service, this time 2019’s Patrick directed by Tim Meilants. A black comedy set on a Belgian naturist camp, this film reveals all but also shrouds a great deal in mystery. Once youContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Patrick”

Movie Mondays – Possessor

For this instalment of Movie Mondays, I’ll be looking at a film from 2020 that I watched for the first time the other night. After initial apprehension at the horror category assigned to the movie I decided that the plot sounded good and that it wouldn’t be the standard Hollyood jump-scare bonanza that is oftenContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Possessor”

Movie Mondays – Burning (버닝)

Having written my university dissertation on South Korean cinema I think it’s safe to say I’m a fan of the nation’s work. When Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite won best picture at the Academy Awards in 2019, I was ecstatic at the thought that now is the time for Korean cinema to explode internationally and be recognisedContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Burning (버닝)”

Movie Mondays – Atlantics

When I think about the transportive potential of cinema, foreign-language films truly fit the bill as experiences that lift you to faraway lands. It’s always eye-opening to be strapped to someone else’s perspective, privy to the motions and dramas of their story, beholden to the director’s vision that is untainted by the tropes that we’veContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Atlantics”

Movie Mondays – Eastern Promises

This week I’ll be taking at the 2007 neo-noir set in a seedy and dark London, Eastern Promises. It was a couple of years ago that I first watched this crime drama and it really stuck with me, having recently rewatched it I can confirm that it was even better than I remembered, and IContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Eastern Promises”

Movie Mondays – The Wolf of Snow Hollow

As far as writing, directing, producing and starring in your own movie goes, examples of this being pulled off successfully are few and far between. Chances are your mind immediately wanders to Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, which despite its cult fanbase is widely regarded as the worst movie ever made. It is often said thatContinue reading “Movie Mondays – The Wolf of Snow Hollow”

Movie Mondays – In the Mood for Love

Despite the extremely soppy title this is far from a typical Valentine’s Day rom-com. Instead of the gushy and predictable dross that we see churned out by Hollywood studios, In the Mood for Love is a perfect example of a romance movie done well. I had never been much of a fan of this kindContinue reading “Movie Mondays – In the Mood for Love”

Movie Mondays – Children of Men

Perhaps the last thing you might want to watch right now amid a global pandemic that has totally upended our lives would be a film about a not-so-distant future Armageddon. When we imagine the end of the world, what typically comes to mind are images of freak events that happen in a flash, resulting inContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Children of Men”

Movie Mondays – Knives Out

This week our recommended film that we’ll be discussing is Knives Out. As it was the one-year anniversary of its release now seems as good a time as any to look back at the movie. I have to admit that I was a bit late in getting around to watching this after its initially goodContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Knives Out”

Movie Mondays – Election

High school movies. We’ve all seen them. We know their tell-tale signs, their signature tropes. The typical cliques haven’t really changed much since the genre came into being back in the 50s: there’s the jocks in their letterman jackets, the nerds carrying stacks of books that beg to be knocked over by said jocks andContinue reading “Movie Mondays – Election”