Welcome to Inertia

Hello, you are currently reading the very first blog post on Inertia. This is a blog created as a platform to share our writings and different points of view on an array of topics that have grabbed our interest. Primarily these can be categorised into three main subject matters: focusing on culture such as music, films and TV, looking at current events and discussions that are of particular local relevance to us as young people in the city of Aberdeen and Scotland as a whole, along with some reflections on wider issues and debates that may not directly affect us but certainly still speak to us and evoke a response.

A lot of our writing will be inspired by a variety of different sources and we would love for the blog to be a welcoming space for constructive and diverse discussion, so we have set up Twitter and Instagram (both: @bloginertia) pages as an easy way for anyone who wants to get in touch to do so if they would like to contribute to the project in any way. We aim to have a nice blend of content that ranges from current affairs stories to hot takes on all things music and film, along with perhaps some more essay-like contributions to big debates that have drawn the attention of our contributors.

So just who is behind all these vague uses of ‘us’ and ‘we’? Well at the time of writing this introductory post the blog consists of two contributors: Ewan Blacklaw and Charlie Forbes. We met each other whilst studying in Aberdeen and eventually became friends through a shared taste in music and excessive time spent stumbling around Aberdeen’s streets late at night, as students tend to do. At this point now we have both recently graduated and felt the steady, unignorable itch of writing reports and having a purpose return to us as a side effect of leaving university. This unexpected urge has now manifested in the site that you are currently on, as an outlet for sharing our abundance of opinions, whether they are wanted or not.

This craving to be compelled to research and write was felt particularly intensely during the prolonged isolation enforced by the Coronavirus Lockdown. Over this period much deliberation has led Ewan to re-enrol at university to complete a Master’s in Journalism, whilst Charlie’s abrupt end to his academic career this year along with his long-held ambition to become a Modern Studies teacher has left him keen to get back to researching and writing on topics that are of interest to him. Starting this blog will hopefully work out as what some would call a ‘win-win’, as we grow as writers whilst improving upon skillsets that should hopefully serve us well in our post-graduate years and beyond in our professional careers.

With any luck, the combination of the things we have learnt in our recently completed undergraduate degrees along with our mutual interest in the obscure and morbid should make for some good reading as we progress with this project. The future will hopefully lead to the page growing, allowing us to branch out a bit more and conduct some interviews, feature some guest writers and maybe even some permanent contributors so that the collective voice of the site is more diverse than just another two white guys who’ve decided to run a blog. But for now, this will have to do.

Thanks for reading, and we hope that you are looking forward to the future just as much as we are. If you’d like to stay in the loop, consider following one of our social media pages where we will be sharing all new content.

Stay tuned,

Ewan and Charlie

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